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Your one-stop UAE vape store to chase the clouds

These days, it’s becoming trickier to come across a reliable e-cig vendor and not to be taken for a ride with dubious quality or far-from-perfect service. If you can’t stop thinking about switching from an ordinary cigarette but are still at a loss, today is the day! Vapors R Us is a tried-and-true vape shop that will make your changeover no sweat. You’ll be over the moon after being more engaged in your brand-new hobby.

Our first-hand experience serves as evidence of how beneficial we find vaping to be. We know all the ins and outs of this earth-shattering activity, striving to help vape heads like ourselves get in. Don’t believe us on the say-so. Navigate our store yourself to find the best vapes in the UAE online and grab the device that meets your needs. We say “No” to tobacco and other toxins.

Overwhelming UAE vaping collection: You name it, we have it

Our product line is specially compiled to bring you sheer joy when you’re about to take a puff. None of our devices will deliver you dry hits or be on the blink once you get your hands on it. Thus, you can stock up on sought-after vapes in the UAE and be sure they’ll serve you for years on end.

You’ll be blindsided by loads of goodness we hold in stock to cater to your inner connoisseur’s needs. We take great pains to gather top-of-the-range accessories under the same roof so that you can grab whatever you’re in the market for. Our online vape shop will impress you with an assortment that is made up of:

  • e-juice of diverse flavors for filling your tank with nothing but mouth-watering tastes
  • unique hardwarefor those who value durability and unbeatable designs
  • the latest pod systems available in a variety of colors for every tech-savvy
  • and everything in between to take your vaping routine to the next level
Thanks to our intuitively built platform, you will easily find the required vaping hardware and eLiquid. We strive to cater to all your needs, offering a full range of products from industry-leading manufacturers. When you buy a vape from our store, you can rest assured you will get a certified product that meets industry-specific quality standards. The same goes for the spare parts presented in our assortment. We offer only top-of-the-line products to live up to our reputation as the best vape shop in UAE. Make your order with us to join the ranks of our satisfied clients. The unmatched shopping experience is guaranteed!

The doors of our brick-and-mortar vape shops are always open to you

We do our best to gratify everyone out there craving for sophisticated e-cig equipment.

If you want to test your future gadget before buying it, you're welcome to stop by one of our retail shops. They are placed around the country for your utmost convenience.

If you live in Abu Dhabi, you'll easily find our store:

It's placed behind Khalidiya Park, next to Al Afya Gents Spa.

Al Ain residents

May come to our shop on Khalifa Street. It is placed beside Burjeel Hospital, next to Quick Mood cafe.

The prices we have at our physical stores are the same we set for our online assortment. That is why if you're well aware of a brand you need, you can always order a liquid or vape online. We offer same-day shipping around Abu Dhabi and the guaranteed next-day delivery around Dubai and Al Ain. If you're from another emirate, your purchase will be delivered by Sky Delivery Services in a swift manner. The regular delivery charge is 25 AED. We offer free countrywide shipping for orders over 300AED. Have no idea what store is perfect for getting a vape in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain? Stop by Vapor R Us as we have all it takes to meet and exceed your expectations.


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